For those so politically inclined


The Senate will be LEGION's primary way of making major governance and promotion decisions. To gain access, members must complete one of the methods to earn a Senate seat. Senators will also vote on all Council elections, and will be responsible for nominating Council and Tribune candidates, among many other privileges and voting decisions.

There are a variety of ways to join the Senate. The majority of these methods will earn a Senate seat for life. To join the Senate you must complete one of the following.

  1. Be one of the first 30 members to join LEGION! We want to award our founding members with Senate privlages.
  2. Win a Military Triumph by finishing in the top 3 at the end of the month. If a Triumph winner already has a Senate seat, they may choose another member to give the seat to should they wish.
  3. Reach the rank of Centurion. All Centurions will be given a Senate seat upon promotion.
  4. Be elected Council. It is assumed anyone nominated for Council will have a Senate seat already, but if they do not one will be given to them.
  5. Donate $5 or more towards funding the game servers. Paying for server and web hosting is very expensive, and any member who decides to contribute will be granted a lifetime Senate seat in thanks. If a donator wishes, they may also buy Senate seats for their friends (i.e. donation of $20 = 4 seats given).
  6. Nitro Boost the discord server. These seats will be temporary and will only be valid throughout the term of the nitro boost.
  7. Perform an exceptional act where the Emperor deems it worthy to give you a seat. This is rare so don't expect this to occur often.  

As the primary governing body of LEGION, the Senate will be granted voting power on the following decisions. All votes will take place in the voting channel on discord. To maintain confidentiality of exciting new updates, senators must keep conversation about votes to senate only channels.

  1. The Nomination and future Election of new Tribunes. Every Wednesday Senators will have the option of nominating a Centurion level player to be promoted to Tribune. On Friday, the Emperor will select one of these and allow the Senate to hold a vote on if that member should be promoted or not.
  2. Senators will also get a vote in their section of the Council election. More on this is described in the section below.
  3. LEGION Participation in any new Events or Wars will be proposed before the Senate before we sign up or organize them.
  4. Any major purchases (such as new servers) will be brought before the Senate for vote.
  5. Extending LEGION's presence to various Bannerlord mods or to other games will be brought before the Senate for approval.
  6. The Senate will vote as the jury on all criminal and discipline tribunals.
  7. The Emperor may occasionally have uncategorized votes for the Senate, but these will be rare and will not happen often.



Every three months, two Councils will be elected who will then serve out three month terms as the highest ranking members in LEGION aside from the Emperor. During the first week of the election month, Senators will be given the opportunity to nominate Council candidates. Voting will then open on the 20th of the month, and the results will be announced on the final Friday of the month.

Elections will be held in January (elected will serve from Feb 1st to March 30th), April (elected will serve from May 1st to July 31st) , July (elected will serve from August 1st till October 31st), and October (elected will serve from November 1st to January 31st.) 

Full details on the two types of voting and elections below.


The Senate will have it’s own private election to vote for which player will be elected Council. The winner of this election will be given the 1st council position. 

Should the Senate and Public election elect the same nominee, the 2nd place winner in the Senate election will be given the 2nd Council position.


To ensure every LEGION member can participate in Council Elections, the entire community will get to vote for their favorite nominee. The winner of the Public Electorate will receive the 2nd Council position.