1. No NSFW, Hentai, Over Sexualized Anime, Furries, Bodily Fluids or Excrements, Racism, or anything found disturbing or disgusting. Posting links to this material will also be considered a breach of this rule.
  2. No arguing with other LEGION members. It is expected that all personal arguments are taken to DMs, and are not discussed in our discord server. If it is a situation with a higher ranking officer, do not be afraid to discuss. Any LEGION officer that mistreats a member over a personal disagreement will be stripped of their rank.
  3. Spamming chats is not allowed.
  4. Posting links to other discords without the consent of the Emperor is not allowed.
  5. We ask that you please keep your political or religious viewpoints outside of this discord server, we accept everyone here. 
  6. No snitching. Admins will see what they see. Sending admins screenshots of chats is a violation of our community culture.
  7. Please adhere to the pinned messages in each channel that describe it’s intentions. Make sure that discussion in the channel is relevant to the channel type.
  8. Use of this Discord to harass other users or to gang up on other users is not allowed.
  9. Any personal information leaks without consent will not be tolerated, including addresses, names, pictures, age, passwords, etc.


  1.  Listen to all officer orders. We are trying to work as a team, and going off on your own or “trolling” will hinder the experience for everyone else, and will not be accepted.
  2. Know when to speak and when not to. We will not enforce “PTS” or mute mics unless this rule is broken – these are fun events and we want full communication. However, know to stop talking when the officer is giving orders, or if we are in an intense melee engagement. Chatter during combat should be callouts only.
  3. Do not hot mic. If you constantly have background noise or we can hear ourselves talk through your speakers you will promptly be muted. If you are worried about this being a situation for you, please just use push to talk, it makes it easier for everyone.
  4. Trolling other clans/regiments in global or team chat is not permitted. We want a fun experience for everyone in the event, not just our own members. We will not tolerate indivuduals who think it is humorous to degrade the game experience for others. It is fine of you to make fun of them in our own discord and voice chat, but please don’t carry this to the in game chat.
  5. Do not complain or try to “backseat lead.” Our officers have their positions for a reason, and you need to trust and follow their orders. Infringers of this will be muted for the entire remainder of the event without warning.