The Rank stat shows the current rank of the Legion player. These are manually updated every Friday as a check to see if a member has completed the Promotion Requirements for their rank.


The Rating stat is the overall player rating, and is what is behind the placement ranking for each Legion member. The Rating is calculated using this formula:

(Your KDR/Highest KDR)*30 + (Your Attendance/Highest Attendance)*40 + (Discipline/5)*30 + (Your Medals/Highest Medals)*10 + (Your Recruiting/Highest Recruiting)*10


Your experience is calculated from your total number of Activity Points. These are earned by attending events. Activity points are earned in these ways:

  • Training (+3) Attendance Points
  • Events (+1) Attendance Point sand an additional (+1) for each won round
  • Random activity checks (+1)

Your EXP Is calculated by multiplying your Attendance Points by 50.


KDR is your total kills divided by your total deaths. This stat is taken from the screenshots of the leaderboard at the end of official events. The goal of this is to evaluate the combat skill of our members.


Discipline is how well a player follows orders during events. Even though this is a gaming group and our main goal is to have fun, it is important for our members to have maturity during events and to work as a team. Each player will be given a rating 1-5 based on their performance and discipline during the event. All members will start the event with 5 points. Any violation of our rules during an event will get a 1 point deduction.


This stat only applies for officers (Tribune or higher), and will not effect rankings. Whenever an Officer leads, they will be rated by the highest ranking officer at the event on a scale of 1 to 5 based on their leadership ability. This is left broad and is up to the leader of the event, but any deductions must be explained to the officer after the event. Our goal is for everyone to improve and for us to have an effective leadership team.


Recruiting tracks how many players you recruit. To get a full recruiting point, the member you recruit must attend an event. Make sure the people you recruit know it was you who recruited them as they will be asked how the found out about us once they join.


Medals are random awards that are given for great acts and services during events. Often times there will be a “Medal of the Week” which is a challenge players must complete to earn a medal.